Smashing Gods Pepper Mills

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Project Description

Behind the salt and pepper mills is the ritual of enjoying good food. It is the gathering around the table, the sight, the smell, the taste and even the sound that make a meal a really pleasant experience. I got the idea of creating a pepper grinder which would combine an ancient bust and a tweaked classic pepper mill with a humorous view, after visiting a museum and especially the rooms that host the statues and the amphorae.

My inspiration for this usable/functional object derived from the achievements of the past and the heritage that our ancestors left us. This heritage can be a tank of experimentation and creation otherwise it just remains to stagnate. In this way, the generations to come will remember and appreciate their own legacy and move forward leaving their own trace on time.

This product was designed and developed for 35 years exhibition of the Benaki Museum shop.

Project Details


4th February 2020


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