Project Description

My main project for the BA degree is based on this technology. The biophotovoltaic bench is a system, which can be a sustainable energy piece of furniture in our city, and at the same time it can be an alarm for the environmental issues, it could also point out the contribution of the living organisms to our contemporary way of living.

The Biophotovoltaic Bench is aiming to introduce to the Urban Designing, products that are completely independent of any form of energy and alongside with the users play with ecology, the amazing and unexplored applications, but also to the applications that biological organisms can acquire in our everyday and modern life. Through this object of urban design, the benefits we will be able to have in our civilisation from technologies that are friendly to the environment can be widely known.

These extremely small photosynthesising organisms can provide us with energy that has absolutely no cost and at the same time they absorb carbon dioxide, a very harmful element that is abundant in the urban regions. This concept inspired by the modern way of living and the great concentration of people in urban areas has not only its good aspects but also its bad ones. The environmental pollution and the great demand for energy in every corner of a big city are the major two.

Project Details


12th February 2020