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Hypnos project made in collaboration with SPACE 10 and IKEA during a workshop in Copenhagen called Mass Distribution. The aim of the project is to introduce to consumers a new service that is called “Hypnos Expert”, virtual communication between a specialist and the consumers that together observe, talk about, and “design” acts and the environment to make their sleep better. On the next level, consumers with Virtual Reality devices will have the ability to see the changes that specialists suggest in real-time. 

Public events like pillow fights can be organized in order to inform people about sleep issues. Furthermore, in stores, dark spaces with luminous stripes guide people through a mockup “home” and teach them how their sleep or night toilet experience can change with small adjustments. 

From a product design perspective, objects like “rise” which is a smart alarm light that is controlled by a smartphone in order to hide or rise the light to make a smooth transition from being awake, to sleep to awake again more polite. According to light intensity, Hypnos expert app can make recommendations to the consumer with recommending books list or a recipe for a light snack before bed. One other object that keeps us in a “sleep mode” when we visit the toilet though the night is “firefly” a bizarre creature that lives in the bathroom and lights low your path.

Video from the first approach to this matter in order to present in front of the executive members board of SPACE 10 + IKEA

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4th February 2020


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